Thank you for visiting the Pack 684 website - - PACK 684 is a Gold Standard Pack and winner of the National Summertime Award seeking excellence in everything we do in providing the best program possible for the scouts! 

What differentiates us from the other outstanding Packs executing BSA aims to develop scouts character, citizen, and personal fitness PREPARING BOYS FOR LIFE?  We are an ACTIVE Pack characterized by FUN, creativity, servant leadership, purpose, organization, and a sense of family.  The largest Pack in the District (approximately 90 scouts out of 1,000 in the District) but with a small town feel; 1 in every 4 eligible boys at Sangster Elementary School is in Pack 684.  We have scouts from Newington Forest and local private schools as well.  Our size provides a level of adult activism that is hard to beat. 

Eligible boys may join Pack 684 at any time by contacting our Recruitment Chair, Bill Peyton, via e-mail at wmpeyton@cox.net. Other points of contact include our Committee Chair Craig Morris via Craig.Morris@ams.usda.gov or our Cubmaster Kevin Sproge via cubmaster684@gmail.com.

Pack 684 offers assistance to families in need so that financial hardship will not be a bar to Scouting for any boy.  All decisions on assistance are made on a case-by-case basis and will remain a private matter between that family and the Pack leadership.

You might find the other attachments useful as well such as "About Us", "Cub Scout Basics", and "Cub Scout Levels" in the menu to the left.  You might also wish to go to BeaScout.org or Scouting.org.  The photos of sample Pack activities attached may take a few moments to open.  If you're considering scouting, we would welcome the opportunity to have you join us for an outing and see who we are and what we do. 

2015-2016 Scout Year Program Changes

Posted on Nov 16 2014 - 10:49pm

Starting June 2015 the entire Cub Scouting Program is being updated by Boy Scouts of America.  See the attached files for an early look at the changes.


Posted on Nov 16 2014 - 10:26pm

Second Chance Sale: Scouts have two weeks to go door to door and take orders.

Did you have some last minute sales which need to be fulfilled? Is your unit selling more popcorn than you ever imagined and want to sell more?

Pack 684 Pokemon Tournament - Saturday Dec 13th

Posted on Nov 16 2014 - 10:10pm

As we continue to work the event planning, I wanted to answer some questions up front so that will hopefully help you be prepared.

Q: Why are we doing a Pokemon event? What does Pokemon have to do with Scouting?
A: We are doing a Pokemon event because the majority of our Scouts are absolutely crazy about Pokemon and it is an event that is appropriate for all ages. Additionally, this is a chance to put the boys in a competitive situation and still have fun. If you refer to the Pack 684 General Event Rules section on Spirit of the Game, you will see that Pokemon competitions actually align nicely with our Cub Scout Values.

Scouting For Food Wrap Up

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 6:26pm

Scouting For Food NOVEMBER 8 10am-2pm LORTON GIANT

Posted on Nov 7 2014 - 8:00am

In the Law of the Pack, a cub scout gives good will and in the Boy Scout Promise, a boy scout promises to help other people at all times. Participating in Scouting for Food is an outstanding way to serve our fellow man in a real and tangible manner.

Springfield Town Center

Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 11:18am

Good Morning,

 We have several Show and Sells that have open slots.  There is one on 3 Nov at Springfield Town Center, from 1:30-5:00 (please disreard the time listed on Sign Up Genius), 15 Nov at Burke Safeway 10-2, 16 Nov STC 1:30-5:00, 21 Nov STC 5-8, and 22 Nov 10-2 Lorton Giant.

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